Beta Overview


We know how long it takes fashion content creators to manually curate products to monetize content.  That’s why we’ve decided to tackle this problem! We’ve created a WordPress plugin that automatically identifies and tags brand-specific products in your photos. Yup, that means no more hours spent searching through product catalogs to find the item you want to promote.  Simply check a box and make your images shoppable!

We want you to be involved in this process! We would like to hear your feedback about the plugin and help us identify areas where we could improve the user experience. 

Your feedback will be directly integrated into future versions of the plugin.

How Do I Get Involved?

Read more about the product on our front page and FAQ.  Then, apply for the program! If you are eligible, our team will be in touch regarding the next steps!

What Will I Need to Do?

We know you are probably busy, so we’ve structured our beta to fit with your schedule! This is the usual workflow for our current beta users.

  1. Install & activate the plugin on blog (our team is on-call in case you need any help)  [usually takes 5-10 minutes]
  2. Try out the plugin on whatever posts you want [enabling takes 1 click per post]
  3. Report any bugs you may find [Takes 1-3 minutes, you can call, text, or email our team]
  4. Fill out feedback form & have 1-2 feedback calls with Frenzy team [Form: 10-15 minutes, Calls: 15-30 minutes]

Ideal Candidates Will:

  1. Utilize to power their blog
  2. Regularly post fashion content on their websites
  3. Be willing to give clear and detailed feedback through email, chat, or call
  4. Be willing to report any bugs that occur