Brands & Retailers

Automatic Product Tagging

When you partner with Frenzy, your products are automatically plugged into the websites of our network of bloggers, influencers, and publishers.

Say goodbye to publishers forgetting to link products or mislinking products (not to mention expired or sold out links)


Additional Sales Opportunities

In a recent survey we conducted on 1000 websites (including sites like Vogue, Elle, and fashion blogs), we found that:

31% of products did not include a link
25% of products had expired/404 error links
27% of products were sold out


83% of sales opportunities were missed

Frenzy fills this gap by automatically tagging all relevant products


Consumer Analytics

Because we integrate directly into publisher’s websites, we can gather deeper customer insights down to individual clicks and purchases.

This enables brands and retailers to understand their ROI’s with influencers, bloggers, and publishers

Understand your customers even better with these tools


What We Need

Access to product feed


How Do I Get Started?