In addition to identifying brand-specific clothing seen in your images, Frenzy also understands when you are describing brands and retailers in your posts. It can filter your products by brand or retailer.  Frenzy also currently works with your beauty and jewelry brand-sponsored posts.

Yes, most other affiliate programs (like Rewardstyle) use text links or have a widget that you can embed into the post.  Our “shop button” is overlayed on your images (like the Pinterest widget), so it won’t interfere.  If you would like to continue using your other affiliate programs, you are more than welcome!

Frenzy works with existing affiliate programs.  We can integrate your accounts so you get paid in the same exact way.  The part we focus on is the product curation, so you no longer have to spend hours searching through product catalogs to monetize your content. We also automatically update your sold out products and expired links and provide your readers with alternative items that lead to more sales opportunities for you.

If you haven’t tried out affiliate links before, we can create an account for you so you have a way to get paid! If you would prefer not to monetize your content, you can still use the plugin!


No! Frenzy is free for content publishers.  In fact, we help you make more money.

The biggest reason to use Frenzy is because it is an automated way to make commissions off of the content you are already creating.  No more time spent searching for and tagging affiliate product links.

To summarize:

  1. No more hours spent manually searching for products or managing affiliate links
  2. Tags exact or brand-specific clothing that appear in your photos along with similar items
  3. Automatically updates sold out or expired links
  4. Integrates with existing affiliate accounts

If you have a WordPress.org hosted website and have fashion-related content, Frenzy will be beneficial for you! We have limited space in our early release beta, so if you are interested, fill out our 2-minute application!

We made this plugin specifically for fashion content creators, so we want you to be involved in making this product better.  We want to build something that will actually solve your problems, so we want to hear your feedback about the plugin and how to keep improving it. 

We know you are busy, so we’ve structured our beta to integrate with your usual workflow.  Our one-time installation and activation of the plugin usually takes 5-10 minutes.  From there, all you’ll have to do is check a box for each post you want to activate on.

We love beta testers that activate Frenzy on multiple posts because it gives you more informed feedback.

After you’ve had time to play around with it. We ask that each user fill out 1 feedback form and have 1 or 2 short phone calls with the Frenzy team to go over their feedback, but besides that, you are on your own time!

When scheduling our calls we always try to accommodate your schedule!

The only thing we ask of you is to give us feedback. Our users’ feedback shape the future of our technology, so we want to hear your honest opinions about what you liked, didn’t like, if something didn’t work right, and suggestions for future versions.

Unfortunately we only support WordPress.org hosted websites right now.  However, if you would like to be added to the waitlist for our other platforms, fill out this form.



Magic. Just kidding. We use artificial intelligence technology to make all of this possible.

On average, Frenzy matches the exact product 40-60% of the time.  This is due to a number of factors including sold out or unavailable items.  However, we can match brand-specific similar items at 91-99% accuracy.

As an example, if you feature a Michael Kors skirt in your outfit, on average Frenzy will find the exact skirt 40-60% of the time.  If it does not find the exact skirt, it will find a very similar item from Michael Kors 91-99% of the time.

This accuracy rate increases everyday, and our team is committed to getting these numbers even higher.

Our core focus right now is women’s apparel.  We get the best results with clothes, bags, shoes, and hats, but can also include jewelry, other accessories, and perfume.

In these cases, Frenzy will either try to find the item from another retailer or display the closest similar match from the same brand.  Additionally, readers can view similar items under the “shop similar” button. It is automated, so you no longer have to keep track of sold out items or worry about frequently updating links to keep your sales opportunities.

Frenzy automatically finds 10-15 similar items for each piece of clothing.  Readers can see a “shop similar” button at the bottom of each product in the widget.  Readers can then filter by brand or price to help them find what they are looking for.

Yes! Frenzy works for new and old content.

The products in the widget will show the brand, product name, price, a buy link, and a ‘Shop Similar’ option.

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