Installing Frenzy

Follow our 1 minute tutorial video to get you set up in no time!

Or use this if video isn’t your thing!


Bugs we are already aware of and are actively working on:

    1. It will take 1-10 minutes to process the article the first time
    1. After that, it will take 1-15 seconds to pop up every time you visit the site
    1. The plugin works best if you don’t link your images (don’t have them redirect)
    1. The shop button will appear on all images in the post (even if there are no clothes in the picture)
    1. The results will be the same for every image in the article
    1. There may be some off centered images (please screenshot and report it to us)
  1. If you are wearing a boutique brand, there is a chance that our plugin might not pick up your clothing.  We are increasing our catalog every day and hope to include more brands in the coming weeks!

Please ensure that you are running PHP 5.6 or higher.

If the shop button is not showing up on your images, and you use JetPack, please disable Image Caching in Jetpack Plugin

De-select or turn off the ‘Serve Images from Our Servers’ setting.

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