Megan Tiu

Megan Tiu is the Chief Operating Officer at Frenzy.  She started working on Frenzy while she completed her degree in Engineering at the University of Southern California.  After graduation, she made the leap to full-time.  As a fellow creative person and an inventor, she loves working with content creators like fashion bloggers.  She loves seeing people pursuing their passions, which is why she enjoys this industry so much.  In her free time, she hikes, camps, sings, makes Youtube videos, and travels.

Nava Esmailizadeh

Nava Esmailizadeh is the Head of Marketing and Sales at Frenzy. After graduating from USC’s Marshall School of Business, she worked at Snapchat until she decided to mix her love for fashion with her experience in technology at Frenzy. Her love for fashion and design drew her to work with fashion bloggers and brands to help solve pain points they face on a daily basis. In her spare time, she loves being outdoors, drawing, playing piano and traveling.